Hairy Cow Brewing Company

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Brand Strategy for Hairy Cow Brewing Company.

Hairy Cow Brewing Company has seen wild success as the first craft brewery in Ogle county.  In positioning themselves for their next stage of growth, they decided to bring Lightwave Creative on to tighten up their website, social media, and brand strategy so they could move forward with confidence. Everything starts with discovery and listening, so after a few sessions with the owners we were able to identify their big idea, "Building community around quality beer." Next we identified the problems to be solved to push them into the next level of growth. From there, two campaigns were developed focussing on growing awareness in 3 major surrounding areas, and increasing their staffing by highlighting what an incredible team and culture new staff would be joining. This project was been a blast, and we can honestly say, having the opportunity to direct photography at a place with such amazing beer and food is a pretty great way to spend a day!

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